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Improve Your Hot Weather Product Shipping

Boxes for shipping
From makeup to perishable foods, many e-commerce products suffer during hot weather. If you ship out products to hotter locations, you may need to learn more about hot weather product shipping. This isn't just a seasonal issue: some equatorial locations experience high temperatures nearly all year. These tips will help you improve your product shipping to these locations.

Use Large, Sturdy Boxes With a Lot of Thick Filler

You want to reduce the contact that your product has with the outside elements, which means making sure that it is tightly packed with thick filler. A large, sturdy box with thick, corrugated walls will trap air and insulate the product. Of course, the reverse is also true: once the package has become warm, it will also retain that warmth. Thus, additional tips are also needed to keep it cool.

Consider Shipping Your Product With Ice Packs

Ice packs can be expensive, but you can send the cost along to the customer with an explanation of why they are necessary. An ice pack can be frozen well in advance and tucked around your product. The product and the ice pack should then be wrapped in insulating material. Many ice packs can last anywhere from three to four days when properly insulated in the right type of box. 

Limit Your Product to Express Shipping Options

You don't want a perishable item lost in the mail for days on end. When shipping to hotter locations or during hotter seasons, consider offering only express shipping options. You can also offer slower shipping with the caveat that the option comes at the buyer's own risk.

Ship Products on the Right Days

You generally want to ship products at the beginning of the week. This lessens the chances that the products are going to be delayed by the weekend. During holidays, either ship a few days beforehand or wait until after the holiday to ship. Just an extra day could lead to a package melting in a locker.

Label Your Products as Time-Sensitive

Labels don't mean that the delivery company has to obey them, but most will be more careful about letting a time-sensitive item slip. You can purchase boxes that already have all the relevant markings included, from time sensitive to fragile. If a delivery or postal service sees that a time-sensitive item has fallen behind, they are more likely to try to go out of their way to see it reach its destination.

Consider Requiring Sign for Delivery

Sign for delivery ensures that your product doesn't fail at the very last step: on the porch. If you don't want your product baking in the hot sun until your customers come home, encourage them to sign for the delivery of their item.

Though this service may cost a little more, it also goes hand-in-hand with scheduled delivery: you'll usually know exactly when the package will be delivered and, consequently, how long it's been in transit.

Know When to Delay

During heat waves, call a halt on all orders rather than dealing with the blowback from returns and refunds. Most customers are going to understand that pauses in shipping are normal when the weather is exceptionally bad, and you can't control the weather. You can offer a more expensive service to those who absolutely need their products, such as overnight delivery.

You might struggle to ship items that are either perishable or temperature-sensitive, but if you do it properly, you should be able to ship on even the roughest months. For more information about temperature-safe packaging options, contact the quality, premium packagers at Capitol City Container Corp.